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That why Women As Game Changers was created. High-level, immersive entrepreneurial training and coaching that were designed by and for women game changers.
Women as Game Changers, Women Entrepreneurs
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Game Changer Training

You are a Game Changer.

A woman with an unrelenting pursuit of what is not seen by others – yet.

To be a game changer is not always easy. There aren’t many role models out there for women. Or trainings that are congruent with the core skills, gifts and values women naturally bring to the table.

We’ve been there. We get it.

That why Women As Game Changers was created. High-level, immersive entrepreneurial training and coaching that were designed by and for women game changers.

Our model distinctively integrates “outer game” business skills such as responsive branding, finding and growing your tribe, and high-level collaboration techniques with “inner game” awareness and confidence such as identifying, reducing and eliminating the derailers that sabotage your success. And all of this is steeped in a dedicated community of women game changers that allows your innate excellence and true leadership path to emerge in ways you may have never experienced before.

Our founders, Carolyn Parrs and Devi Records, are well-known in their respective fields. After years of practice, growing numerous businesses and working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs with deep purposes, they designed a training that literally transforms the women who are transforming the world.

Women As Game Changers Training & Coaching Program: 6 month Immersion

March-August 2018

The goal of this training is to focus on outer game business skills such as high-impact branding, and finding & growing your tribe that will take your business to the next level — as well inner game skills that will help you recognize and change your subconscious scripts, beliefs and blocks that can derail even the best efforts. Through many years of real-life entrepreneurial and organizational experience and practice, we know that true success is combination of outer game skills, inner game confidence and strong Women Game Changer community support. This training will steep you in all three. 


Building Your High-impact Brand

  • Identifying & Expressing Your Big Vision
  • Discovering Your Deeper Why
  • Developing Your Brand Position and Tag line

Finding Your Tribe, Growing Your Tribe

  • Developing Your Brand Strategy
  • Identifying Your Customer / Client 
  • Reaching Your Ideal Audience
  • Creating & Growing Your Tribe Online
  • Celebrating your Wins, Acknowledging Your Challenges


  • Using Mindfulness to Connect with the Below Conscious Mind
  • Derailers and How to Recognize Them
  • Understanding Your Personal Derailers and How They Effect Your Business
  • Managing Your Mind-Body Responses
  • Understanding the Power of Congruency and How to Develop It
  • Celebrating Your Wins, Acknowledging Your Challenges


Co-led by Carolyn Parrs and Devi Records, this training / coaching program is 6 months in duration from March 2018 – August 2018. There are two in-person weekend retreats in March and September. In-between our retreats, the training / coaching is online via Zoom video conferencing with:

  • Four 2-hour game-changer online trainings with Carolyn and Devi each month
  • Three one-on-one private coaching sessions with either Carolyn and/or Devi anytime during the 6-month training period
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing interaction and discussion
  • Your own accountability partner to keep you on-purpose and on-track throughout training


March – August 2018 Online Training: Thursdays 9:00-11:00am PT

March Retreat:  3/16 – 3/18

August Retreats: Dates to be determined 

Fill out the form below to schedule a free one-on-one Women As Game Changers session to see if this is a right fit for you. Or if ou are ready to go, fill out our Application for our six-month training here.


CREATING FROM CORE: How to Get to the Soul of Your Brand and Connect with Your Customers More Deeply Than Ever Before

Saturday, December 2, 8am-11:30am via ZOOM

$57 till November 27, $97 thereafter



FULL DAY DEEP DIVE: Creating a Game-changing Brand that Breaks Through the Clutter 

January 20, 2018, Seattle, WA

Calling all Game-changers! Immerse yourself in the Women As Game Changers model that can literally transform you and your brand. We’ll take you on a deep dive into the inner and outer game of building your brand so that you can have the full impact you intend to as a game-changer. 

o  Experience a game-changer process to determine your personal or product brand vision “stake in the ground” and how to specifically apply that to your brand

o  A deep dive into essential questions you need to ask to determine your brand’s deeper purpose and value to your customers

o  How to Identify your personal branding “derailers” that may be in the way of fully stepping into your branding message and power

o  Specific tools to reduce or eliminate your branding derailers so that you can live into your game-changing brand 

We are offering this Deep Dive for free to celebrate our Seattle Launch with you but you must register before as there is limited space. 

January 20, 9am-4pm, The Riveter Fremont, Seattle, Washington

Free, limited space, share with a friend!


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