Women As Game Changers | Game Changer Coaching
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Game Changer Coaching

Women As Game Changers Coaching and Marketing Services are like no other you will encounter. Our coaching packages follow our unique model of integrating both the outer skills of business marketing such as branding, messaging, reaching your ideal audience and growing your tribe — with the deep understanding and practice of the below conscious process, those “derailers” that can disrupt your ability to realize your vision. With the blended skills of Carolyn and Devi, you will experience a potent combination that can truly transform your business, and yourself!

Women As Game Changers Coaching Packages:

The Deep Dive
This package is ideal for the woman business owner or leader that feels stuck in a particular issue or situation and wants a fast track to the next level. For example, if you know that you need coaching around reaching your ideal audience and that is all you need right now, this is the program for you.

6 – one hour sessions (3 with Carolyn, 3 with Devi).
This package includes the Derailer Series

The Outer & Inner Game Business Boost
This package is for the women business owner or leader that wants an overall approach to their business or organization. You want to evaluate what would take you to the next level. What are the business needs, skills and practices that will get you there? What are the inner processes, beliefs and mindsets that are interfering with your ultimate success? How do you resolve or mitigate their effect? If this sounds like you, our Outer & Inner Game Business Boost will give you the clarity and skills you need to take the leap.

12 – one hour sessions (6 with Carolyn, 6 with Devi)
This package includes the Derailer Series

Get Brand Ready, Inside and Out
This is our signature feature. For any one beginning your business, or rebranding it, you know your brand is your equity. A well-designed brand and position can put you lightyears ahead of everyone else your market. But we discovered that although having the right brand is vital, many women were getting derailed in their business by below conscious fears of “taking a stand”, having a voice, charging what you are worth and a host of other mindsets. So we blended a program that details how to “Get Brand Ready” with a specific 5-step process that marketing experts, like Carolyn, use for creating a high-impact brand. This is combined with a deep dive into the “derailers” that come up for you personally as we go along. Perfect for any business owner that is serious about building their business or organization with a solid foundation.

16 – one hour coaching sessions (8 sessions with Carolyn, 8 session with Devi)
Includes Derailer Series

Individual Coaching with Carolyn or Devi
Sometimes you may need a little extra time with either Carolyn or Devi. Each of them offer a 6–one hour coaching series to assist you more deeply in a certain area.

Marketing Services with Carolyn
For more than 25 years, Carolyn has helped numerous national, regional, and local companies and entrepreneurs craft and refine their message and establish their brand for maximum effect. She is the CEO and founder of Mind Over Markets, a creative marketing communications company devoted to helping purpose-driven, sustainable, green or healthy brands build a better world for over 13 years. From paradigm-shifting campaigns to growing tribes by 10’s of thousands, her ultimate goal is proving that business can be a force for good.

Services include:
•    Brand Strategy & Identity Development
•    Graphic design and Art direction
•    Copywriting
•    Website Development, Design and Content
•    Social Media Messaging and Management
•    Video and Audio production
•    Internet and Digital marketing
•    Television and Radio advertising
•    Internal communications