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Community_Carolyn_GateEsperanzaWelcome to Our Game Changer Tribe!

The Women As Game Changers model was developed after many years of deep experience in starting and growing conscious businesses. Carolyn & Devi lived it, worked it, tested it and then offered it to women who were devoted to making a meaningful difference in their work and lives.

An essential component of their model is creating a rich and supportive community of women to hold the intentions, dreams and aspirations of the whole for the benefit of all.

We invite you to join our tribe here and be part of a growing tribe of creative and courageous game-changers that are determined to create a sustainable and socially just world.

You will be part of our inner circle of game changers, and personally invited to join us through our events, courses, training, and celebrations of powerful women, like you, who are putting their missions where their mouths are.

Connect with Our Community in Our Facebook Group too!

Carolyn and Devi are fully devoted to helping you be as successful as you possibly can, whether it’s a community project, the launch of a business, or taking your work to the next level. That’s why they created the Women As Game Changers with Carolyn & Devi Facebook Group where we can interact and share on a daily basis through Facebook Lives, posts, videos, and more.

So please jump in and let us know what’s exciting you now, what’s challenging now, and how we can help you! We all in this together.

Thank You for Joining Women As Game Changers Tribe