Women As Game Changers | Transforming the women who are transforming the world
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On January 21, 2017, an estimated 4.5 million women across the globe marched to protest a world that is changing fast. This effort took a mere 74 days to organize globally.

Behold the power of the feminine.

We are reaching a tipping point where this untapped, unwavering, fierce feminine energy is rising. Perhaps that is why Fortune Magazine said “the future of leadership is female”. Yet, most entrepreneurial and leadership models are primarily masculine-based. Until now.

Women As Game Changers is a highly relevant, practical and experiential-based model for women entrepreneurs and leaders that was created by and for women game changers. What makes this model so effective is it distinctively integrates “outer game” business-building skills such as responsive branding, growing your tribe and the art of collaboration with “inner game” awareness and confidence so you can clearly recognize and change your below conscious scripts, beliefs and blocks that derail you from having the success you want. All of this is steeped in a strong support system that both empowers and nourishes the self.

Women As Game Changers is truly a whole self approach to transform the women who are transforming the world.

Game Changer Training

Being a game changer is not always easy. There aren’t many trainings that are congruent with the core skills, gifts and values we bring to the table. That why we created a high-impact, immersive entrepreneurial training designed by and for Women Game Changers.

Conferences & Events

We believe we need the voices, skills and resources of women more than ever on the planet today to provide a balanced and diverse viewpoint to help solve some of the crucial issues of our time.

Game Changer Products

Being a game changer takes dedication, tenacity, forward thinking and lots of heart. So we want to give you the tools and resources you need, enveloped in a strong, committed community, that will help you take your game-changing work to a whole new level.


Meet Your Tribe

We invite you to join our community and be part of a growing tribe of creative and courageous Game Changers that are determined to create a sustainable and socially just world.

What the Game Changers are Saying